[IN STOCK] I Stand, Clear Vinyl Sticker

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Black Lives Matter, today and every single day.

If you are rightfully disturbed by the racism, violence and hatred that Black citizens face in America and around the world, declare your support for the Black Lives Matter movement and demand justice for your fellow man.

This sticker is currently IN STOCK.

This sticker measures 6" w x 4.5" tall, and is made of clear vinyl. Since the background is clear, the artwork will float on whatever you decide to put it on. Your hydroflask, your car, your laptop, whatever you want.

100% of proceeds from sales of this sticker will be donated to Black Lives Matter Network. Thank you for your support!! We have donated $190 so far!

Please do what you can to fight racism actively, not just on a sticker or on your timelines on social media but also in your everyday actions and words. Support Black owned businesses, amplify Black voices, and uplift your Black friends in this (extra)stressful time. Vote! Educate your friends and family, grow and learn. Many petitions have not yet reach their goals, make your voice heard! You are more powerful than you know, and together we cannot be defeated. We will not! Unite for Black lives matter and justice and freedom for all.

#blacklivesmatter #ACAB #asiansforblacklives #yellowperilforblackpower