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GACHA PINS: Delinquents, Part 1

GACHA PINS: Delinquents, Part 1

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How many rolls?

PLAY THE GACHA! Collect them all?

RANDOM ROLL: You will get 1 of 10 pins, chosen at random (blind).

-Please note that I am a lenient grader. All of these pins are considered standard grade.
Be aware of my grading policy before purchasing.
-There will be no returns, refunds or exchanges on gacha pins. All sales final.
-These pins are priced to make blind rolls reasonable, therefore this pins will not go on sale, ever.
-There is no guarantee of no-duplicates, and there is no guarantee of sets if purchasing 10 rolls together.
-The pins are pre-graded, and pre-wrapped, so they are pulled completely blind.
-There is an equal chance for all designs, as they are the same edition.

Limited Release. There is no plan to restock this series, unless by popular demand.


-Hard Enamel
-Gold Plating
-Double Backing Posts with Rubber Clutches
-Each pin is approximately 4-5 cm in size, but size varies between designs.

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