Terms of Service and Policies

TinyOni Shop Rules & Terms of Service

1)Please read all these policies, as they apply to my shop, Patreon, discord, Instagram and cover any and all services and products from my store.

2)Be Respectful to me and other customers/patrons/makers. Disrecpect will not be tolerated here, on my comments on shop posts, or in my personal chat server.

3)I have NO conditions regarding the resale of my products.

4) All sales are final, and I do not issue refunds for preorders.


Preorder policies

  • Please read all the info in the listing, and be aware of the timeline and delays and disclaimers. I cannot control my manus speed, shipping delays or USPS.

  • Preorders can vary in production time from 2-6 months depending on size, complexity or potential remakes.

  • Be aware that if you place a chargeback or claim against my shop after placing a preorder, you will be banned and blocked permanently on all platforms and any existing preorders will be cancelled.

  • For items in production, I will keep you updated via the public status page, Discord channel and Instagram, but by preordering you agree to be patient and always contact me FIRST with questions or concerns.