Production Status Tracking



UPDATE: 3/23/2023 - I AM MOVING SO I WILL UPDATE THIS AS OFTEN AS I CAN! Things seem to be getting delayed with my factories. Things are just taking longer to get done than before. I will post updates as frequently as I can during my move.

The CSM pins (toast) are here, and sent out today, the Power ones should be here this weekend/early next week and will be sent out before KKON. Next weekend I will be away/busy Thurs-Sun for Kawaiikon. After that, I have 2 weeks to pack out a 5 bedroom house and my family of 4. I have a lot going on, but I will update asap as often as I have the time!

Update: 2/6/2023 - Hello! I am back from a much needed mental health break and am currently catching up with my reps at various factories to get the latest updates on all pins.
Right now all factories are catching up on orders following Lunar New Year!
Please remember that the guesstimates for ETA are based on current progress, and the average speed Ive experienced from each factory. 

Update: 1/20/23 - Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience while I get this up and running. I have been having a hard time this month, mentally, and I needed to rest. 

Please remember that January is Lunar New Year and a very big holiday for most manufacturers. Some factories are taking a long break while others are taking shorter ones. All of my factories are on holiday through the end of the month, and getting updates after they return will also take a bit since they will be catching up with all clients after the long break.

Please be patient with all shop owners at this time.



Design Payment Current Stage  Updated ETA
Bee/Puppycat - Rose Gold/Gold HARD Variants Paid Done IN HAND
CSM 3, Blind 1, Good Dog Paid DONE - Finishing touches/gems and then on the way to me ON THE WAY SOON
TR Gacha Set (10pc) Paid Done, PREORDERS SENT OUT IN HAND
Cyberpunk Becca Paid Filling / Mass Prod estimated April
Cyberpunk My Moon My Man Paid Filling / Mass Prod estimated April
HW Blind (Halloween chainsaw) Paid Samples in prod late April
HW Blind (Blood Devil chainsaw) Paid Samples in prod late April
HW Blind (Spiders Web tr) Paid Sample in prod late April
David p4p Paid Entering Fill stage estimated May
Haitanis p4p Paid Entering Fill stage estimated May
Chainsaw Gacha Set (12pc) (ON HOLD FOR FUNDING - Proofing 12 designs currently, PO buyers notified) PENDING ART PROOFING, PENDING PAYMENT (DELAY)
CR Group Mikey Holding Funds / PROOFING Changed Manus / PROOFING NEW
CR Public Draken PROOFING ^ same as Mikey
Patreon Come Along Tier (JAN) Proofing Proofing
Patreon Sweet Tooth Tier (JAN) Proofing Proofing

📢📢📢📢A word from Oni regarding preorders/updates: 📢📢📢📢

I have been running the shop for about three years now. This message is more so for new followers than ones who have been here from the beginning, and who are familiar with my method of operation.

I always deliver my orders. That being said I have had and will continue to have a "hands-off" approach regarding constantly posting updates on preorders. I dont really post updates often on any of my socials, I know, I am genuinely sorry - but what little energy I have on a regular basis is put to better use working on meaningful business rather than spent on socials, which I find extremely draining and discouraging. I have extreme, diagnosed anxiety disorder and also depression- and sometimes I am unable to get work done for weeks at a time. This is why I do not reply to everyday DMs, and why I ask to only be contacted via the support email in regards to specific order problems/changes.

This is how I do things and every shop is different but please respect that.
I know that not seeing frequent updates or a daily online presence may worry some folks, especially with how underhanded a lot of shops in the pin community have become, but if you are someone who cannot patiently wait for your preorders, I kindly ask that you do not preorder from my store.

On all of my preorder listings, I clearly state that (on average) pins can take anywhere from 3-6 months to produce-- as always I hope it will be sooner, but the factories always give me shorter time quotes than it actually takes. I would rather tell you the worst case scenario and have it arrive faster, than it come after when they promised me and people act unreasonably with me. Fortunately the majority of my customers are wonderful, patient, and understanding of my hands-off methods.

For the pins that I produce, I personally draw all of my own artwork, which takes me several days per piece often times. In between running socials, drawing, updating my mods, my various sites, my local venues and stock, order fulfillment, quality control, scheduling, and other behind the scenes processes (like working on my portfolio, applying for and attending conventions/events, paperworks, taxes, proofing, correcting, new factory testing, you name it) I also have a personal life and family that I need to prioritize sometimes. For extremely complex or large designs, sometimes the factory artists have to work back and forth with me on changes/fixes/adjustments for up to a month before proofs are approved. I often make large and complex pins, therefore this is pretty standard wait time for my shop. If you are someone who finds that uncomfortable, please wait for in hands. I am endlessly grateful to the folks who are patient and understanding, and trusting that I will get things done properly.

I run the shop like an independent artists' store, rather than specifically a "pinmaker" type shop-- most self-employed artist shops just get their production done in the background and you get your preorder when your items are finished. In the mean time, they are hard at work getting things made or dreaming up new creations, which for me personally is better for my time usage and mental health.

I know its considered "industry standard" (it is not, but recent issues with many shops have forced a lot of makers to be as vocal as possible about production) to be posting updates nonstop, but that isnt how I run things and I dont have the actual time or mental energy to be constantly posting/answering questions/being online/harassing my reps for updates. I check in with them every other week or so, because more than that feels pestering, and the last thing I want is to be on any of my reps bad side. A makers relationship with their reps is everything.

Ive found that trusting my factories and reps to do things correctly and calmly the first time results in better pins, better turn around and happier customers, so I dont pressure them unless Im personally getting tired of waiting. What energy I do have is going into making things happen quietly and correctly, in a reasonable time.

As always I will continue to update the status page, and in stories as I always have, whenever updates are available or I have the time to get to it.