Production Status Tracking

8/8/2023 - Update Note: Hello everyone, I was finally able to get some time to redo the chart for everyone.

Please note this is a tracker based on the progress info I currently have from reps.

Thank you!

Also please note that through March-July 2023, I was busy and very overwhelmed with a cross-country, trans continental move. During this time, it was very very difficult for me to make updates, and work on corrections and proofs with my manus/reps. Several pins also needed to be sent back through the production line for corrections.

Thank you for your patience while I get everything back on track these next few months and all of these orders sent out as soon as possible!


Table last updated

Please note all of the estimated time frames are based on each factory’s current updates

These timelines are out of my control and any delays past art proofing or QC corrections are beyond my control

If a pin is within 2 months of estimated finishing time, I will not be offering refunds on preorders

Thank you for your patience while these all get caught up!

Please note: Unexpected delays can happen on the factory end, but also sometimes mistakes in production are caught later than expected. My reps do send me photo progress, however sometimes due to lighting or angle of the photos, errors are not caught until later in the process in a different set of photos.


Current Status

(ESTIMATED, delays may occur)

CR Mikey

Last stage – Filling Transparent/Sandblast areas & attaching PoP

Early August

Rebecca x3 Variants

Filling Last Pin (3 of 3)

Late August

David and Lucy x2 variants

Filling Solid Enamel

Late August

David P4P

Sanding Down


Haitani P4P



Haitani Blind

Stained Glass Filling

End of August

Power Blind


Mid? September

Quanxi Blind


Mid? September

CSM 12x Heads Minis

12 designs, take time


End of August/Early Sept

CR Draken


End of August/Early Sept

CR Baji


End of September

CR Chifuyu


End of September

CAWM March



ST March



The general process for production is:

1) Art Proofing (Initial)


3)Proof Approval

4) Casting

5) Cutouts / Raw Polish (Burr removal)

6) Backing Attachment (pin backs)

7) Sandblasting if needed for design

8) Blue ink resist (for transparent areas)

9) Filling (Longest Process, each color must dry between fills) Solid Colors

10) Polishing (sanding down)

11) Plating (most factories OUTSOURCE THIS) sometimes plating takes longer than expected

12) Clear/Transparent/Stained Glass fills or Doming if needed

13) Screen Printing (must dry between layers, takes time)

14) If PoP or accessories, attachments

15) QC Review / If anything needs to be corrected, sometimes it is sent back at this stage

16) Packing and Shipping to Artist

17) Received to artist (me) and QC and packing