Enamel Pin Grading

How I Grade Pins (Relaxed)

Every maker grades differently What one considers Standard/A grade, another may not.
What one considered a flaw, another may not. You cannot expect grades to remain the same across makers.

That being said, all pins are crafted by hand at the factories. Each worker is human and mistakes are inevitable. There is no such thing as perfect pins.

As of 9/2022, I have adopted a policy of grading my pins more relaxed than before. I used to grade extremely strictly, but in order to reduce the amount of stress for myself, and to give my work the appreciation it deserves, I will be changing my grading system to simply Standard Grade vs Seconds.

I do not think its fair to condemn a piece of art to a lower grade for some dust, or misplaced glitter - especially pieces that sometimes take months in production. If you are not comfortable with relaxed grading, please do not purchase from my shop.

For the most part all of my pins are drawn entirely by me since I hardly buy designs, and I am really proud of each and every piece I make because I create it with love and intention. For this reason, I will be grading more leniently and casually, and standard grades pins may include minor imperfections.

Multiple Defects or Errors that are largely distracting, in overly obvious areas or disrupt the eye when observing the pin at an arms length distance are reasons for grading a pins as Seconds.

Preorder grading

Because preorders take quite some time to produce, please bare in mind there will be a wait.

Preorder spots are limited and therefore, all preorders should receive a Standard grade pin. If there are not enough standards to fulfill preorders (unlikely), then I will offer refunds or remakes depending on the situation.

Preorders are listed as MYSTERY GRADE, meaning you could get what is considered an A or B grade pin. My grading has been simplified to Standard and Seconds now, therefore all preorders will receive a Standard graded pin, and preorders will be prioritized for the best pins of the batch. :)

For this reason please keep an eye on your emails.