Fire Ferret Gummies Candy Charm

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Inflated & sealed Fire Ferret Gummies bag charm! Perfect for Legend of Korra fans!
"Pabu Approved" & "Sponsored by Fire Industries"! :)

  • Discounted slightly - my manu printed the wrappers slightly off center
    & The text on "Pabu Approved" has the d cut off, accidentally.
  • Permanently Sealed with cute mini shaker bits:
    Cherry Mako, Blueberry Korra & Apple Bolin Gummy inserts
  • Also includes a pretty scoop of pink aurora-borealis star glitter!
  • Features a golden star-shaped lobster clasp

Please do not open! They are meant to stay closed and puffy <3 Not Edible!
The order in which inserts appear is random!